W. Wells

Walker Wells, Vice President at Global Green and Ukulele Player

Walker Wells and Gregg Woodruff

Instilling a positive, forward-looking perspective is a major challenge when working in disadvantage communities. But how is this achieved when so much is needed to overcome a long-standing narrative of neglect and victimhood in neighborhoods such as Watts?

During session A03: Watts ReImagined, attendees will hear how an undeserved area is slowly being brought back to life through the foundation of sustainable design.

According to session presenter Walker Wells, certified planner and LEED AP, a collaborative approach among local stakeholders and leading urban sustainability organizations are creating new energy in Watts, as a way to create positive energy and forward progress during the 50 year commemoration of the Watts Civil Rights Uprising.

G. Woodruff

Gregg Woodruff, Senior Project Manager, Langan Engineering & Environmental Services and father of 3 precocious boys

Gregg Woodruff, Greenbuild Program Working Group member, believes this session is a must see at Greenbuild because “Underserved communities struggle to find catalyzing moments for revitalization.  It is exciting to believe that sustainability, especially on a community scale, can offer that catalyzing impetus.”

Woodruff also believes that urban revitalization and redevelopment is very economically viable in already recovered neighborhoods.  Underserved communities can potentially offer a source of significantly more sustainable redevelopment techniques if they can focus on these issues and leverage available economic tools available to them, such as grants, tax credits, or other mechanisms.

Even though tasks like these aren’t easy, the Watts project offers hope to many that it is possible for these communities to become healthy, resilient and sustainable in the future.

Session Presenters:

Walker Wells 
Vice President at Global Green

Jessica Millman
Green Neighborhoods Advisor at NRDC

Chris Jordan
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director at Grant Housing and Economic Development Corp (GHEDC)

Krista Frank
Green Urbanism Program Assistant at Global Green USA

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