The Energy Mixer:

On Friday, April 14th, Emerging Professionals of Massachusetts committee (EPMA) under the USGBC MA chapter partnered with the Northe2017-05-12_1225astern University Energy Systems Society to host local students for a night of learning and networking. They discussed opportunities and challenges that arise as internet connected household technologies become commonplace.

Emerging Professionals committee members May Dussadeevutikul and Oliver Bautista gave an informative presentation, covering how innovations in connected household products present opportunities to enhance the interaction between buildings and people.

Smart Homes is an enlightening and horizon-broadening experience. The crowd consisted majorly of engineers from programs like Sustainable Building Solutions, Energy Systems and Civil Engineering from universities around the Greater Boston area. 2017-05-12_1226Oliver Bautista and May Dussadeevutikul of EPMA clearly explained the practical use of smart devices. With sufficient pictures, specifications and accounts of their personal use of smart devices this experience enabled us to realize how effective and satisfying it is to personalize one’s home using modern hi-tech gadgets. Some of the smart devices discussed were fans, thermostats, smartphones, personal assistants (like Amazon Echo-dot), crock-pots, ovens, fridges and doorbells.

With a highly participative and aware audience questions regarding the energy efficiency of these devices were asked to which Oliver and May gave their expert opinions of how some of these save electricity while giving luxurious convenience to a customer. With the dial tilted to a customer’s convenience, it was an eye opener to realize the direction where technology of home appliances is moving. They also explained how a smart home with smart gadgets can not only bring in comfort, but also create opportunities for energy conservation.

Students questioned the advantages to energy efficiency, accessibility, and security, as well as challenges that are likely to arise with emerging technologies. After the presentation, the conversation continued regarding expectations and predictions for the smart homes industry, and the potential impact of the Internet of Things on the environmental performance of buildings.


Thanks to Northeastern University Energy Systems Society for hosting the event and our event sponsor, Atlantic Toyota Dealership in Lynn, MA on the Lynnway!


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