By Timothy P. Runde


Timothy P. Runde Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant/Partner at Carneghi and Partners, Inc.

Timothy P. Runde
Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant/ Partner at Carneghi and Partners, Inc.

NZE buildings present a compelling value premise but obtaining financing isn’t always easy.  In Greenbuild session D01: An Insider’s Guide to Optimizing the Value of NZE Buildings, we will help you learn what financing teams look at when evaluating NZE projects and gain insider tips about what you can do to maximize your project’s chances for success from a valuation expert.

Why am I an expert on this subject? I have 25+ years of hands-on valuation experience with an emphasis on incorporating green building and sustainability into the financing process.  I have valued numerous NZE buildings and can help designers and architects understand what they need to communicate to the financing team so that the value of the project is realized.

Very little gets built without financing or the buy-in of the financing team of a project.  Bridging the gap between those in design and those in finance is essential to making sure worthy projects get financed and built.

A lot of sessions teach us how to design and build better buildings, but few sessions like this one teach us how to navigate the so-called sustainability “Valley of Death”.  No matter how great your project is, if the financing falls through, it won’t be built.  Get insider tips to move your project from concept to completion to successful lease up.


Bill Worthen Founding Principal, Urban Fabrick, Inc.

Bill Worthen
Founding Principal, Urban Fabrick, Inc.

According to Program Working Group member, Bill Worthen, Founding Principal, Urban Fabrick, Inc., “This session is a sleeper. – Timothy Runde is one of the few commercial real estate appraisers have met that can explain, in a fun and interesting way, what the asset value of sustainable design really means. Not all green features and certainly not all LEED credit requirements add to the asset value of the buildings we design. This session connects the dots between design value and asset value.”

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