GB15_EduWe are taking education to the next level at Greenbuild, and it is sure to be monumental. As a city at the epicenter of change, Washington, D.C. makes a fitting venue to inspire a Greenbuild education program packed with forward-thinking content and pioneering speakers. Think you’ve seen it all? Check out these facts you might not know about the Greenbuild education program.


  • Did you know… we’re honored to welcome Jake Wood to the master series stage! As the Cofounder and President of Team Rubicon, he helped bring aid to thousands of patients in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake at sites deemed “too dangerous” by other aid organizations. While helping the victims of disaster relief, Team Rubicon also bridges the gap between military and civilian life. Find out more about the master series session here.
  • Did you know… USGBC Chief Product Officer Scot Horst and Chief Operating Officer Mahesh Ramanujam will take the master speaker stage to present a vision of an integrated platform of tools based on performance. Join us to hear where USGBC and GBCI are heading, along with a little something about Aristotle. Learn more about the session here.
  • Did you know… the International Summit is back! The 8th annual International Summit will feature global leaders who are shaping the future of our built environm­ent. Join us in Washington, D.C. on November 17 to network with all the right players! For more information, visit:
  • Did you know… this will be the third and final year of the Greenbuild Materials and Human Health Summit? Through the summit program, we have hoped to get more people talking about transparency, prove the business case and push the conversation to the next level. Don’t get left behind – join us for the last installment of the Materials and Human Health Summit!
  • Did you know… the Communities & Affordable Homes Summit returns for a second year! Network and problem-solve with community and sustainability leaders advancing the economic, social, and ecological health and vitality of all communities. Watch the 2014 recap video and find out more.



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