Barbara Batshalom Executive Director at Sustainable Performance Institute  Boston, MA

Barbra Batshalom
Executive Director at Sustainable Performance Institute
Boston, MA

Steve Gabbert and Barbra Batshalom

The future of our planet and the future of our profession depend on our ability to thrive in systems, to co-create in collaboration and to achieve levels of synergy that transform our impact. The 2030 Challenge, Living Buildings, Net Zero and LEED all define building performance targets for the industry. Yet, a critical gap remains between rising performance goals and the organizational capability to consistently achieve them.

But how can we transform our firms from “random acts of sustainability” to consistent, high quality capability and avoid the pitfalls of “green on-demand”?

During the Greenbuild Session Galvanizing Transformation: An Internal Revolution (C11) we will cover our proven methodology to help firms make that shift and realize bottom line benefits at the same time.  From what we’ve developed, we have seen improvements happen within 3 months that significantly impact performance.  Firms typically lack “SMART” goals, don’t implement change management strategies and haven’t truly looked at project delivery methodologies. Those things don’t cost money but transform practice. It’s not enough to have the “what” (the targets – such as LEED, 2030) we need to have the “how” and help firms change the way they do business in order to secure our future (and provide better value to clients).

Both presenters have gained their knowledge on the subject from what they’ve learned in their own professions.  Steve developed and implemented strategic sustainability initiatives at his firm, Snyder Langston, a southern California based, 55 year old, construction company.  According to Steve “Over the course of the last decade, our sustainability program has shown tremendous growth to include achieving Green Firm Certiciation from the Sustainable Performance Institute in 2013 as well as achieving Urban Land Institute’s 2014 Best of the Best in Sustainability Award for Organizational Leadership.”

Steve Gabbert Director of Sustainability at Snyder Langston  Irvine, CA

Steve Gabbert
Director of Sustainability at Snyder Langston
Irvine, CA

Barbara said “After 12 years in mainstream architectural practice, I’ve spent 16 years working with A/E/C firms of all sizes (and property owners) to help them institutionalize sustainability and develop comprehensive implementation programs to achieve their goals (AIA 2030 or other). I also led the development of the industry’s only framework that defines what makes a firm “green” which was adopted by the federal government in 2012.”

We are in a global environmental crisis and the building industry has the influence and power to radically shift impacts. “Business as usual” will not yield different outcomes, in order to build for the future, we need to get real about aligning firm culture, processes and project delivery with the performance goals that are necessary.

Our session harnesses the unquestionable uplifting energy from Greenbuild and will provide each attendee with their own actionable roadmap to furthering their organization’s sustainability efforts.

We have proven framework and methodology to help them accelerate and streamline their efforts to become a green (or greener) firm. We have experience working with hundreds of firms of all scales and can share lessons learned and success stories so that participants can take advantage of the collective wisdom of industry leaders, take home those lessons and make authentic and meaningful changes to how they do business right away. We can help them move from “random acts” of sustainability to measurable success and consistent capability. If you are “leading from the middle” and trying to advocate for change within your firm, or you are a sustainability director or firm leader and want to raise the bar – If business development and stewardship are important and you know your firm can “up” its game – this is the one session you don’t want to miss!

Bill Worthen, Founding Principal with Urban Fabrik, Inc and Greenbuild Program Work Group member says “I know the speakers well and this is a session that starts to discuss the day to day reality of the business of collaboration.  We have to focus much of the green building on doing more with less, not thinking differently about design.”

Undoubtedly again this year, Greenbuild attendees will leave New Orleans inspired and with a renewed commitment to fulfill the vision of a sustainable built environment for all within the next generation.


Other presenters for this session include:

Rand Ekman

Director of Sustainability at Cannon Design

Chicago, IL


Lynn Simon

Senior Vice President at Thornton Tomasettii, Inc.

San Francisco, CA



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