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“Today, we are more connected than ever, better informed than ever, and have better tools than ever.  The recipes for positive change are on the table; the ingredients for success are in our hands.”

-Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, 70th Session of the UN General Assembly

At the Greenbuild International Summit, representatives from over 80 nations come together because we see our world as one world.  We see our challenges as common among our countries and communities.  And we see our ideas as valuable, applicable, replicable and worth sharing.  This year, the International Summit is the place where we connect the dots between climate change, finance, policy, industry, resource security, practice and innovation.

The International Summit brings five global issues to the table:


* Water

* Finance

* Energy

* Equity

These are the global, regional and local challenges that we face as a green building community.  This year Greenbuild brings visionaries, leaders and changemakers from around the world to speak to these issues and share ideas and best practice.  The attendees from the 80+ countries who are coming to the Summit represent policy makers, practitioners, manufactures, and financiers.  No matter what your background, the International Summit is the place to find the common thread that links our issues, our solutions and our work.

Here are some of the highlights and headlines from the International Summit:

China Development Bank – one of the most powerful banks in the world is backing sustainability and encouraging integrated design and design making.  The China Development Bank is the largest funder of real estate development in a country in the midst of the urbanization at an incredible pace and scale.  Learn how they are applying principles of sustainability to their investments and working to increase the capacity of builders and industry to delivery high performance, green buildings.

E.ON is a German-based utility currently taking major steps to generate and distribute renewable energy. In a world where buildings aim for net-zero energy, customers ask for energy that is both renewable and reliable, and the relationship between the customer and the utility is evolving, innovation and major change is on the horizon. Hear from private and public sector leaders about the challenges and new approaches to generating and managing energy in a rapidly changing environment.

Mexico’s mega city capital is becoming a mecca for alternative transportation.   Tanja Muller Garcia, Minister of the Environment for Mexico City will discuss how her megacity is working to promote sustainable public and alternative transportation, and transit-oriented growth.  From popular bike share programs, to buses, trains, to walkable communities, Mexico City is transforming. This is big news for developers of residential, commercial and retail space in this thriving city.

Claim your seat today for the International Summit.  We have the tools, the recipes and the resources.  What we need, is you.



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