Dhruv Raina Leader, Corporate Sustainability at Owens Corning

Dhruv Raina
Leader, Corporate Sustainability at Owens Corning

The opposite of footprints are handprints — the positive impacts people and organizations can make in the world. What gets included in your footprint are the impacts of all activities linked to your actions by buying and selling, producing and consuming. Handprinting pays attention to the influence of purchases too; and then it expands our view to capture other ways that we exert influence on the world, such as sharing innovations, inspiring action, and creating sustainability benefits anywhere on earth. In this way, handprinting opens up a wider set of pathways for positive influence, and also enables us to pursue the creation of buildings, products, communities and lives which are NetPositive – which do more good than harm. In Session D01 Handprinting: Making Buildings, Products & Lives NetPositive, it will first clearly explain handprinting, and how it is being actively applied now in three building-related companies.  We will then invite and empower all participants to start using a free and open source web platform to share new handprinting action ideas with the world, and to pitch in on open, transparent assessment of those action’s impacts. We asked session speaker Dhruv Raina to tell us more about this session.

GB: What makes you an expert in this area?

DR: I’m an LCA Practitioner with years of experience in Corporate Sustainability & lead the Net Positive Project for Owens Corning, developing methodology for how the guidance will look like in the future.

GB: Why is the topic of your session important?

DR:  As businesses look beyond footprint reductions this can help them transcend to the next level.

GB:  Why should Greenbuild attendees attend YOUR session specifically?

DR: We will Identify and evaluate opportunities to shrink their organization’s or building’s footprint and increase its handprint.  Share handprint action ideas with the world, and review action ideas relevant to them that were shared by others.

GB: What’s the most interesting experience you’ve had in the green building/sustainability world?

DR: Influencing folks across businesses and borders to take action!

Jackie Henke Energy & Sustainability Innovations Director, TD Bank

Jackie Henke
Energy & Sustainability Innovations Director, TD Bank

According to Jackie Henke, Greenbuild Program Working Group member “The overtone of climate change is inherently negative – this session feels like it will be focused on climate change using a positive frame of reference, which we all can benefit from. I love the concept of “handprints” being the positive impacts people can make on the world.  This session is looking at our ability to make change through our individual supply chains (i.e. the purchases we make everyday) and also how we engage with each other through sharing innovation and insights.”

Additional presenters include:

Jeffrey Zeman

Principal Environmental Engineer at Kohler Co.

Jane Abernethy

Sustainability Officer at Humanscale Corporation

Gregory Norris

Executive Director at New Earth


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