by Tiffany Pupa

This is the entrance to Hall A at tne New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on January 30, 2013. Copyright Kathy Anderson Photography

This is the entrance to Hall A at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on January 30, 2013. Copyright Kathy Anderson Photography

TalentFX is returning to Greenbuild 2015 taking place in Washington, DC. This cutting edge program features a direct line to master speakers in an intimate setting, offers amazing opportunities to connect with your peers and leaders in the greenbuilding industry, and access to invaluable career advice! We could brag about how awesome TalentFX 2015 is going to be all day long, but why take our word for it? Below, Tiffany Pupa, a past TalentFX and Greenbuild attendee, shares her story on how her experience changed her life for the better.

TalentFX at Greenbuild in New Orleans, 2014 was so impactful it altered my career path. Initially attracted to the idea of getting out of the Michigan weather, heading south, & eating beignets on Bourbon Street, I found networking with the professionals & hearing panels discussions on sustainability exciting & magnetic.

Benefits of attending Greenbuild as a student are many and varied. You will be exposed to current industry information and green building trends. I was most impacted and inspired by the information about designing and building  biophilic cities. I had read about biophilia, our innate affinity for natural environments, in my textbooks, but I was unaware of the range of applications. Hearing the professional discussion on the topic got me hooked. I have since incorporated biophilic design into my academic research at the university level.

As valuable the presentations are, the most impactful experience at Greenbuild is being amongst the leaders of the green movement at TalentFX. There is a special energy created when people from across the globe who share the same passion assemble. Having the opportunity to meet and share ideas with these individuals in an open forum has not only broadened my network, but has given me confidence in my career decisions. It is evident how meaningful our work is. TalentFX at Greenbuild is the perfect platform for igniting a sense of curiosity that will take you to greater levels in your future career.

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