lenses-circleGreen building and sustainable development are doing more to shift away from a “less bad” approach toward a wholly positive, benefit creation approach, or regeneration.. B04: Creating Living, Regenerative Environments explains how LENSES (Living Environments in Natural, Social, and Economic Systems) is designed to support projects seeking positive change.

Brian Dunbar, session presenter, says “This topic is so important because leaders in the green building and sustainable development fields must discover ways to repair, restore, and regenerate our environment, our cultures, and our economies for the health of our living planet.” The session will highlight information gathered through the Institute for the Built Environment’s research and development efforts since 2007. Their LENSES Framework has been recognized and published widely since 2010.

But where does LENSES fit in? LENSES is a tool that brings together holistic, outside-the-box brainstorming facilitating regenerative solutions quickly. It dovetails perfectly with USGBC/Greenbuild/LEED toward embracing living environments that celebrate happier people, a healthier planet, and financial abundance.

Annette Stelmack, Greenbuild Program Working Group member, says “LENSES facilitates whole systems thinking, inspires creativity, and develops team capacity to go beyond doing less bad to creating abundance.” So what makes this session the one to attend? Stelmack says that this session will offer a unique, fresh approach and content with dynamic presenters. “It will be inspirational, informative and fun!”

Josie Plaut, session presenter and one of the founding developers of the LENSES Framework wants people to attend this to “break out of the checklist mindset and discover a process-based approach to cultivate the will and understanding for regenerative projects.” Plaut states “It’s time to move beyond being less bad to creating health and vitality within ourselves, our communities, and our world.”

When asked about the importance on this topic, Stacey McMahan, session presenter provided “While USGBC and LEED has led a paradigm shift toward healthier and more resource-efficient materials, systems and buildings, the process is still degenerative. Thinkers and designers need to find proficiency in creating environments that are ultimately well-rounded givers instead of takers.”

Max Zahniser, presenter, says the session will provide an opportunity “to explore another critical dimension to sustainability and green building that holds the key to our overall success in cultivating a sustainable future. As well as the nature of that new dimension and processes unlock real potential.”

Stelmack concludes by saying “It’s all about embracing living environments that celebrates happier people, a healthier planet, and financial abundance.”


B04 Presenters:

Brian Dunbar

Executive Director at Institute for the Built Environment

Fort Collins, Colorado

Max Zahniser

Founder & CEO / Founder & ED at Praxis / Sustainability Nexus

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Josie Plaut

Executive Director at CLEAR

Fort Collins, Colorado

Stacey McMahan

Sr Architect/Principal at Koch Hazard Architects

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Annette Stelmack

Principal Design Cosultant, Inspirit – LLC

Lousville, Colorado


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