TalentFX at Greenbuild 2015: Your time to speak | U.S. Green Building Council

This year, we’ve opened up six dynamic speaking opportunities as part of TalentFX at Greenbuild; TalentFx USGBC’s platform for emerging sustainability leaders. You, and your fellow winners, will have 25 minutes each to share your ideas, thoughts, and stories with students and professionals from around the globe.

Session types

We’ll consider three types of sessions:

  • Share (a story): It’s the buzzword that might actually get you a job—if you’re good at it. And, if you are, TalentFX is the perfect place to show off your skills! What’s your story? How’d you get to where you are? Did you ever “fail fast” or “totally crush it?” Walk us through lessons you’ve learned, with an orchestral accompaniment or a stool & a microphone, and captivate us with your tale.
  • Inspire: Do you stand up for what you believe? Need a stump to stand on? Got an idea that could use some traction? Tell us what makes your perspective unique, how you’ve shown grit, and why we should follow.
  • Engage: Have a skill to share with peers? Ever patted yourself on the back and wanted to pay it forward? Share your skills with us! (We want them). Networking, communication, marketing, interpersonal soft skills or just plain share-worthy skills. Give us the tools to leave the room more capable than when we walked in.


  • All proposals must be submitted online; faxed or mailed proposals will not be accepted.
  • Speakers are responsible for all costs associated with Greenbuild attendance. All sessions will take place from 10 am-1 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 18, or Thursday, Nov. 19.


  • Aug. 12: application deadline
  • Late August: Speakers notified
  • Early September: Speakers confirmed

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