At Greenbuild Conference & Expo 2019 you’ll be inspired and learn about new products and programs. But ultimately, the PEOPLE of the global sustainability effort make all the difference. Each week, leading up to the event, we showcase one game-changer, profiling a speaker, supporter, sponsor, or friend of Greenbuild.

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Sara Neff, Kilroy Realty Corporation

Neff is passionate about the focus on carbon reductions. “It’s a much more holistic way to look at the impact of buildings on the environment,” she asserts. She’s looking forward to Greenbuild because of the emphasis on tools to understand and influence the upfront carbon used in a building (i.e., the carbon associated with construction materials). 

She looks to people like Beth Heider from Skanska and Jorge Chapa from Green Property Council of Australia, who inspire her because they are on the cutting edge of sustainability. Neff notes that Australia’s real estate community is forward-thinking and provides endless inspiration. 

Neff urges professionals to get involved. “You’ll miss out on so much sitting behind your des,” she says. “We don’t have time to reinvent the wheel and the best way to stay on the cutting edge of trends is to keep your eyes and ears open, while deeply participating in the green community”

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