At Greenbuild, we don’t just like to claim that we’re into building a better world through green building. With the trade show industry generating up to 600,000 tons of garbage a year, we do what we can from planning to implementation of the show to make the most sustainable choices, allowing us to leave a much lighter carbon footprint in the end.

Helping us make a significant impact on our waste reduction efforts are the Greenbuild exhibitors. Exhibitors must comply with the Greenbuild Mandatory Exhibitor Greening Guidelines, otherwise known as GMEGG.  With each exhibiting company committing to sustainable exhibiting practices and making small changes to the way they exhibit, it adds up to a massive effort!

But there are those exhibitors who kick it up a notch, going above and beyond the “normal” GMEGG standards. This year, we recognized three companies for their exemplary efforts with the Green Exhibitor Award.

gb16-quanexBest in Show

Quanex Building Products

Quanex has used and reused their entire booth structure for the the past 5+ years. Configured as a pod type system that allows them to bolt-on or remove sections, depending on each show, to minimize shipping weight, materials and space.

Most Innovativgb16-roll_a_shadee


The Roll-A-Shade booth structure consists of scrap racking cut from their warehouse. The metal used was on the way to recycling, so they decided to re-purpose  the metal and create a booth that can be reused, converted back into warehouse racking, or sent off to recycling (again).

gb16-skanskaSmallest Environmental Impact


Skanska told us that their booth is a zero-waste booth. To ensure this, they give out no collateral and focus on conversation and technology for follow-up needs.


Thank you to all of our exhibitors at this year’s show in Los Angeles for helping Greenbuild walk that talk!

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