by Liz Kindelan

14-1154-0_2600The Women in Green Scholarship is now open! Apply today to join the conversation examining current barriers and challenges standing in the way of meaningful mentorships. Applications close on Wednesday, October 7. Notifications of acceptance will go out by Friday, October 15. Below, Liz Kindelan, a previous Women in Green Scholarship winner, gives you an insider’s look on why you should apply.

In August 2014, I sat at my desk in a sea of cubicles refreshing my e-mail five times a minute in anticipation of the Greenbuild Scholarship awards. I had applied a few weeks earlier and I could hardly stand the waiting process. I remember sitting in my sorority house in 2013 live streaming Hillary Clinton’s speech at the opening plenary in Pittsburgh. I was supposed to be going to a social function, but no one could pull me away. I swore to myself during her speech that if I had to walk to New Orleans, I would make it to Greenbuild in 2014. To my pleasant surprise, I was in fact awarded a full ride scholarship.

As I started filling out my acceptance survey, booking my flight and hotel, I stumbled upon the Women in Green Power breakfast. As a young woman in the construction industry, it seemed like a no brainer that I wanted to attend this event, so I applied for a scholarship through USGBC that made it possible.

Walking into the conference hall on Thursday morning of Greenbuild, I was beyond excited for the Women in Green Power Breakfast. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away by the experience. The combination of intimate table conversations and large scale panel discussion left me in awe of the incredible women I was surrounded by. I received encouraging words from young women who were just starting out as well as seasoned veterans with a plethora of advice. Having the chance to hear women from all walks of life discuss their challenges and successes in their respective industry really rounded out my Greenbuild experience. I can’t express enough how thankful I am that I was given the opportunity to participate in this event. In fact, it was the first event I signed up for at Greenbuild 2015.

Just a few weeks after attending Greenbuild 2014, I graduated from Purdue University and took a job the construction industry. I had been volunteering with USGBC Students for a few years at this point and started the chapter at Purdue where we planned the 2nd Regional Midwestern Conference.  After graduation, I became more involved in Emerging Professionals and I currently serve as a National ADVANCE Ambassador for the South Central Region, the Indiana Regional Chair for USGBC Students, and I work with the Conference and Events Advisory group 2 to help with student conferences. I have been granted a multitude of opportunities with USGBC and I have met so many inspiring people that have helped shape my sustainable career.  I currently work as a Project Engineer for Barton Malow in northern Indiana. I have been getting my toes wet with LEED tracking, but I would like to get deeper into LEED Consulting in the future.

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